We are a community, helping operators increase buying power to purchase produce as efficiently as possible


Fresh-Net is an online marketplace connecting
buyers with suppliers

Fresh-Net is an all in one purchasing platform that allows restaurants, bars and other operators to easily find and trade with suppliers that meet their needs, whether that’s quality, cost or service.

Our platform connects buyers with suppliers. And we have focused hard on simplicity, meaning operators can easily search for and find products that meet their needs. Whether that’s to get best pricing, niche produce for differentiated menus, or focus on only the freshest ingredients, Fresh-Net makes all this possible allowing operators to focus on things that matter.


We believe in openness through community buying

Our purchasing platform is an open marketplace that allows a community of buyers to leverage total scale in order to identify the right suppliers and purchase produce at the best value. Our platform can generate 50% plus savings on purchased items and is designed to identify, order, and invoice purchases. There's no complicated integrations, just buy through the platform efficiently making savings from day 1. Be 100% confident you've got the best deal!


Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise the food industry. We want to open up the barriers that lead to inflated costs, inefficient processes and hindered growth and we believe the best way to do that is through a community approach to purchasing.

By creating an online community of buyers and suppliers we can help solve some of the biggest challenges in the food and drink industry. These can be anything from tight margins to inefficient waste. In a world where we are all more aware of our footprint, our platform allows for price deviation based on supply and demand, ultimately reducing waste through targeted discounts.


Our Story

Our founder spent over 10 years in the corporate world helping large multinational organisations save money through process improvement, technology implementation and direct cost negotiations with suppliers. Having a love for food and the food industry and after a brief stint travelling in South America, he introduced Ceviche to the London food scene with two pop up restaurants. It was when running these pop up's he realised how the efficiencies gained in the corporate world aren't applied in the food industry, particularly for smaller operators. Due to the closed nature of the industry it is difficult for small and medium operators to find the leverage needed to get the best pricing, find differentiated suppliers and seamlessly connect and trade with them. 

Fresh-Net was founded to solve these industry challenges through the implementation of a free, community driven purchasing platform that is enabled via an open marketplace. We believe this will revolutionise the food industry.