Terms & Conditions

Fresh-Net Software Limited

Who we are:

Fresh-Net is a Procurement purchasing platform and online marketplace that connects operators (restaurants and bars) with suppliers. Our focus is to bring the food and drink community together. Operators can leverage the scale of the platform for most efficient pricing and suppliers have the opportunity to sell to multiple clients using one simple platform. This page explains the terms of use in which the buyers and suppliers may use our online platform. By accessing our service and clicking ‘I agree’ in the registration form, you signify that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms & Conditions set out.

Service Rules:

Fresh-Net is a platform that connects buyers with suppliers. Fresh-Net use it’s technology, scale and efficiency to allow third parties to transact via the platform. Fresh-Net take no responsibility between third parties using the platform. You are solely responsible for the interaction and selection of products in every stage of the product journey from selection to delivery. All products that may be ordered from Fresh-Net inside or outside the platform by a buyer are transported and delivered to the buyer by or on behalf of the applicable vendor associated with the logistics of the supplier (if not the supplier itself), not by Fresh-Net. Fresh-net disclaims any liability in connection with any losses associated with such deliveries.

You are solely responsible for your interaction with other users and dispute resolution including but not limited to lack of quality product, delivery no-shows, wrong deliveries, contamination and so on. The engagement between buyer and supplier between the two parties.

Fresh-Net Software Limited (Fresh-Net) reserve the right to modify these terms at any time and will provide notice of any changes to the users. Fresh-Net reserves the right to change the service, stop providing the service or features of the service, change the features of the service without prior warning, create usage limits, introduce new payment models. In addition, we may permanently or temporarily suspend access to the service without notice and liability for any reason, including the if our sole determination is that a user has violated any provision of this agreement. In the event of termination the user is still bound by the agreement with regard to any aspects of the service in which the platform has been used.

The agreement covers all direct and indirect users such as but not limited to buyers using the platform as a Procurement tool, users browsing, one off visitors, sellers browsing and purchasing.

Our service enables food industry professionals (herein referred to as ‘buyers’) to identify, communicate with, and purchase orders ingredients or other related products with suppliers (herein referred to as ‘suppliers’) via the online platform.

This contract is between the user, you, and Fresh-Net Software Limited. You must agree to these terms before using the Fresh-Net services.

Service Rules:

You agree not to engage in any of the following prohibited activities:


  • Disclosure of the pricing to a third party that is not on the platform or doesn’t have a user license
  • The user cannot identify the supplier via the Fresh-Net platform then go outside the platform to purchase directly. Both buyer and supplier will be removed from the platform if this is discovered via our audit channels


  • Supplier may not use the platform to solicit customers then receive payments outside the platform. Both buyer and supplier will be removed from the platform if this is discovered via our audit channels

User Content:

The user may display, write, update, brand, market, describe their company, products and / or services via the Fresh-Net platform. This means the user expressly grants Fresh-Net a royalty-free, full, transferable, perpetual, irrevocable global license to use, brand, reproduce, display, market, distribute, edit in however Fresh-Net see fit via platforms and channels in and outside the Fresh-Net technology including but not limited to social media. In addition, Fresh-Net can use the meta-data and data behind the user content to it’s sole discretion. For example, trend analysis and business forecasting.

Intellectual Property:

Except for your raw user content, the service and all associated materials including but not limited to software, images, texts, concept, illustrations, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, audio, and any other content or software associated belong to Fresh-Net. In addition, all receipt of content, analysis, amalgamation and insights are the rights of Fresh-Net.


You agree to indemnify Fresh-Net and its subsidiaries, agents, managers, employees, licensees, and any other affiliated companies and their employees from any and all claims, damages, losses, liabilities, costs or other expenses associated from your use of the service including any violations of terms

Stripe Connect:

Payment processing is made via Stripe Connect and subject to their license agreement. By signing up to Fresh-Net terms and conditions, the user accepts Stripe Services Agreement. It is the users obligation to manage their Stripe Connect account and any losses, disputes or failure of payment services are between the user and Stripe.

Data Policy:

This privacy policy describes how we collect, process and disclose personal data. We are the controller of data processed and it is important that we only collect company related information rather than personal data in it’s true sense however, we are aware that some data submitted, either deliberately of accidentally may be of a personal nature. The information we process may include: name, business address, business phone number, business email address, information declared via phone calls, our website or social media accounts and other information that may be deemed necessary to service the user.

Information that we obtain from the usage of the platform:

  1. Transaction information including spend size, frequency, products, and suppliers
  2. Details of goods and services being bought, location of goods and any other associated information such as provenance
  3. Monitoring of clicks and usage of platform for improved user service
  4. Technical information such as type of device connected and IP address, login information, browser information, time zone, and any plug ins

We will use the information to facilitate the management and improvement of the service including security, user experience, feature upgrades and other forecasting data via trends such as spend profile. We aggregate data to drive economies of scale for the users.

The user has the right to delete all personal information and Fresh-Net will do this in accordance with agreed timelines.