Terms & Conditions

Who we are:

Fresh-Net is a Procurement purchasing platform and online marketplace that connects operators (restaurants and bars) with suppliers. Our focus is to bring the food and drink community together. Operators can leverage the scale of the platform for most efficient pricing and suppliers have the opportunity to sell to multiple clients using one simple platform.

Data Policy:

As of yet, Fresh-Net haven’t formally launched the platform and started trading, this is due to be in July 2020. However, Fresh-Net are in the process of gathering interest for the platform in preparation for launch. This privacy policy is in relation to the data being gathered as part of the preparation of launch and includes information on the operator and supplier information.

During sign up, we collect information on the operator for the purpose of gathering interest and set up support. Information focuses on company data for follow up during go live including contact and spend information. This helps Fresh-Net review requirements for the marketplace in preparation for launch. We may share the information with suppliers should we be negotiating on the operators behalf.

During sign up, we collect information on the supplier for the purpose of setting up an online shop on their behalf (if that is something they want). The information requested is for the purpose of understanding the company details and building a tailored catalogue. We may share the information with an operator prior to launch of the platform if we have a customer wanting to purchase.

We may also use the data to conduct research prior to and after platform launch that helps us build a our solution. We may pass some of the information on to investors or partners to increase accuracy or performance of the marketplace. We won’t pass any contact information, only the data points that help facilitate the story of the marketplace.

Both operator and supplier may request their information to be deleted to which we will do so.